CBSE Board Class XI 11th Caranatic Vocal Music Syllabus & Music Theory notes

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Class XI 11th Caranatic Vocal Music syllabus (Vocal & Instrumental)- Music Theory notes 

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 CLASS–XI (2018–19): (THEORY)

One Theory Paper                                                                                                                                Total Marks: 100

Hours Marks: 30

72 Periods


History and Theory of Indian Music

  1.  Brief history of Carnatic music with special reference of Silappadikaram, Natyasastra, Sangita Ratnakara and Chaturdandi Prakasika.
  2. Life-sketch and contributions of the following composers-Purandaradasa, Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Syama Sastri and Bhadrachala Ramdas. Jayadeva of Narayana Tirtha, Swati Tirumal.
  3. Study of the lakshanas of musical forms: Varnam, kriti, lakshanagitam and padam, Pad Varnam, Daru, Svarajati, Geetam.
  4. Definition and explanation of the following terms: Nada, sruti, svara, jaati, raga, tala, jati, yati, Dhatu, Matu
  5. Candidate should be able to write in notation of the compositions in the prescribed ragas.
  6. Brief lakshanas of the ragas prescribed.
  7. Brief introduction to Manodharma Sangitam.

All Cbse music syllabus


One Practical Paper

Marks: 70

Practical Activities

  1. Ragas prescribed: Bhairavi, Sankarabharanam, Kharaharapriya, Kalyani, Kambhoji, Mohanam, Bilahari, Madhyamavati, Arabhi, Anandabhairavi, Kanada, Dhanyasi, Vasanta & Simhendra Madhyamam
  2. Varnams (atleast 5) in Aditala in two degrees of speed.
  3. Traditionally rendered (atleast one) compositions in the prescribed ragas covering the main talas Adi, Rupakam and Chapu.
  4. Brief alapana of the ragas prescribed.
  5. Kalpana Svaras in Adi and Rupaka talas rendered in Vilamba and Madhyama kalas

Class XI 11th  Caranatic Vocal Music syllabus & Answer,theory notes in Hindi  are described  in this post  .. Saraswati sangeet sadhana provides complete Indian classical music theory in easy method .. Click here For english information of this post ..   

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