CBSE Board Class 10 Caranatic Music Percussion Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Caranatic Music Percussion Syllabus Code No. 033 for Class -X 10th CBSE Board 2023-24

CARNATIC MUSIC – Percussion (Code No. 033)

Class – X (2023-24)

Theory                                                                               Marks: 30

Time: 2 Hours

IDetailed Knowledge about the structure and components of the instruments opted.5
IIPlaying techniques adopted for Sapta tala alankaras in three speeds.6
III16 Angas of Talas, Korvai, Koraippu etc. In preparing Korvai and Koraipu, only Adi and Roopka talas expected. Other talas are deleted7
IVBasic knowledge of Jaati and Gati Bhedas in detail.5
VA brief outline of different schools of playing Mridangam. Deleted the detailed explanation of different schools of Mridungam but only Brief explanation is expected4
VILife sketch and contribution of Palghat Mani Iyer and Palani Subramania Pillai.4
VIIA short outline knowledge of principles of practical performance.09
                                                   Total Periods40

CARNATIC MUSIC – Percussion (Code No. 033)

Class – X (2023-24)

Practical                                                                    Max. Marks: 70

Sr. No.TopicNo. of Periods
I.Knowledge of tuning Mridangam.5
II.To prepare and play Sollukattu for Adi, Rupaka, Triputa And Chapu tala varieties.20
III.Accompaniment for musical form like Varnam, and Tillana. Deleted slow tempo accompaniment to Padam in addition to jatiswram and Kriti.25
IV.Knowledge to prepare Mohra and Korvai in Adi, Rupaka,Chapu and Triputa talas.25
V.Play “Tani Avartanam” for at-least 6 to 8 avartanas in Only Adi and Roopaka tala are expected and other varieties of tala are deleted.25
 Total Periods100

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