Piano Synthesizer Keyboard Classes in Ghaziabad India Online & Offline

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Online Keyboard Classes

Piano Keyboard Classes in Ghaziabad

Our Institute provide Offline & Online Piano Keyboard classes in Ghaziabad Noida Delhi Meerut  , you can learn in our institute under the guidance of Piano Synthesizer Keyboard teachers. We promise that you will learn easily in a happy environment if you are keeping high passion with music and practice more & more the lesson given.     We provide Piano Keyboard classes for beginners , kids & Adults also .  Learning Piano Synthesizer Keyboard music instrument is first step  for getting basic knowledge about music . Synthesizer Keyboard classes near me , We have many centres so that you can join keyboard class near your location . We provide Piano keyboard classes online & offline mode also .

In the world of music, Piano Synthesizer keyboards are one of the most versatile and widely used instruments. They can produce a wide range of sounds and are used in various genres, including pop, rock, indian classical, and Bollywood songs. For anyone interested in learning how to play the Piano Synthesizer keyboard, taking keyboard classes can be an excellent way to begin. Piano Keyboard classes come in different types, and each offers a unique learning experience. Here are some of the most common Piano keyboard classes you may come across.


Group Keyboard Classes

Group Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes are an excellent option for beginners. These classes consist of several students and one instructor. They are usually designed to introduce students to the basics of playing the Piano Synthesizer keyboard, including proper hand positioning, reading sheet music, and playing simple tunes. Group keyboard classes are a great way to learn in a supportive and engaging environment. They also offer the opportunity to learn from other students and share experiences.

Private Keyboard Classes

Private Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes are a one-on-one session between the student and the instructor. These classes offer personalized attention, which can be particularly beneficial for students who need extra help in a particular area. Private keyboard classes also provide the flexibility to tailor the lesson plan to the student’s goals and learning style.

Online Keyboard Classes

Online Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They allow students to learn from the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace. Online classes often provide video lessons, interactive exercises, and feedback from instructors. They also allow students to connect with other learners from around the world and to learn from different perspectives.

Advanced Keyboard Classes

Advanced Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes are suitable for experienced players who want to take their skills to the next level. These classes focus on advanced techniques, complex compositions, and improvisation. They may be offered in a group setting or as private lessons.

Indian classical Keyboard Classes

Indian classical Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes focus on teaching students to play indian classical music. They cover a range of indian classical repertoire, including pieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. These classes often emphasize proper technique, finger placement, and musical interpretation.

Contemporary Keyboard Classes:

Contemporary Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes are designed for students who want to learn to play pop, rock, or jazz music. These classes focus on playing by ear, improvisation, and creating original music. They often incorporate music technology and electronic instruments.

In conclusion, Piano Synthesizer keyboard classes are an excellent way to learn to play the keyboard. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is a class that can help you develop your skills and reach your musical goals. By choosing the right class for your level and interests, you can make the most of your learning experience and enjoy the journey of becoming a skilled keyboardist.

Basic Lesson

  • Introduction to Sangeet
  • Keyboard Introduction
  • Swar system
  • Finger tecniques
  • Sargams & Alankars
  • Small songs – Happy Birthday . 
  • Prayers & Patriotics songs ..

Intermediate Lesson

  •  Finger Techniques
  •  Introduction to Scales.
  •  Practice with both hand. 
  •  Chords progressions
  • Chords Accompaniment
  •  Major & Minor Chords.
  •  Some filmy and non filmy songs.

Advanced Lesson

  •  Composing 
  •  Arranging music.
  •  Playing with diff scales.
  •  Chords progressions
  •  Sargams & Raagas 
  •  Chords accompaniment.
  • Practice with others instruments

Why Us?

Student Growth
  • Learn Keybord Piano  in happy environment.
  • Trained teachers and working professionals.
  • 6 to 8 students in a group class..Piano
Unlimited Revisions
  • Fingers tecniques for  Keyboard music instrument.
  • Revision of Sargam ,Allankars in every class for exercise.
  • 5 mins revision of previous class task.
Ultimate Perfection
  • Organize the number of programs for our students to boost their on stage performing confidence.
  • Using best methodology for trainging students.
Smart Experience
  • Using High quality equipments and musical instruments.
  • Giving printed worksheets and video tuts of lesson..
  • Conectivity with parents through whatsup.

Students Piano Videos


Our Courses

Learn what you want to become....

Learn Indian classical music,Vocal – Light music,Bhajans.

Learn western music instrument Guitar,Violin.

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Rhythmic Instruments

Learn rhythmic instrument Tabla,Drums,Octapad,Congo.

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Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana

Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana – Online & Ofline Piano Synthesizer Keyboard Classes In Ghaziabad – Shastri nagar Kavi nagar Nehru nagar 2 3 Raj nagar Extn. Arya Nagar Gandhi Nagar Surya Nagar Rajendra Nagar Vijay Nagar Pratap Vihar Govindpuram Sanjay Nagar Lohiya Nagar Avantika Chiranjeev vihar Nandgram Sewa Nagar Kailash Nagar Krishna Nagar Prem Nagar Rakesh Marg. Learn Indian & western keyboard form in simple steps .  Our Institute provide Online keyboard classes in all cites on india – Mumbai ,Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkata Surat  Pune Jaipur Lucknow Kanpur Nagpur Indore Thane Bhopal Visakhapatnam Pimpri & Chinchwad Patna Vadodara Ghaziabad Ludhiana Agra Nashik Faridabad Meerut Rajkot Kalyan & Dombivali Vasai Virar Varanasi Srinagar Aurangabad Dhanbad Amritsar Navi Mumbai Allahabad Ranchi  Haora Coimbatore Jabalpur Gwalior Vijayawada Jodhpur Madurai Raipur Kota Guwahati Chandigarh  Solapur Hubli and Dharwad Bareilly Moradabad Karnataka Gurgaon Aligarh Jalandhar Tiruchirappalli Bhubaneswar Salem Mira and Bhayander Thiruvananthapuram Bhiwandi Saharanpur Gorakhpur Guntur Bikaner Amravati Noida Jamshedpur Bhilai Nagar Warangal Cuttack Firozabad Kochi Bhavnagar Dehradun Durgapur Asansol Nanded Waghala Kolapur Ajmer Gulbarga Jamnagar Ujjain Loni Siliguri Jhansi Ulhasnagar Nellore Jammu Sangli Miraj Kupwad Belgaum Mangalore Ambattur Tirunelveli Malegoan Gaya Jalgaon  Udaipur Maheshtala . 

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