Online Keyboard Classes in Ghaziabad India Beginner Advanced Level

Online Keyboard Classes

Keyboard Classes in Ghaziabad

Online Keyboard classes in Ghaziabad  , you can learn in our institute under the guidance of  Keyboard teachers. We promise that you will learn easily in a happy environment if you are keeping high passion with music and practice more & more the lesson given.     We provide Keyboard classes for beginners , kids & Adults also .  Learning Keyboard music instrument is first step  for getting basic knowledge about music . Keyboard classes near me , We have many centres so that you can join keyboard class near your location . We provide keyboard classes online & offline mode also .

Basic Lesson

  • Introduction to Sangeet
  • Keyboard Introduction
  • Swar system
  • Finger tecniques
  • Sargams & Alankars
  • Small songs – Happy Birthday . 
  • Prayers & Patriotics songs ..

Intermediate Lesson

  •  Finger Techniques
  •  Introduction to Scales.
  •  Practice with both hand. 
  •  Chords progressions
  • Chords Accompaniment
  •  Major & Minor Chords.
  •  Some filmy and non filmy songs.

Advanced Lesson

  •  Composing 
  •  Arranging music.
  •  Playing with diff scales.
  •  Chords progressions
  •  Sargams & Raagas 
  •  Chords accompaniment.
  • Practice with others instruments

Why Us?

Student Growth
  • Learn Keybord   in happy environment.
  • Trained teachers and working professionals.
  • 6 to 8 students in a group class..
Unlimited Revisions
  • Fingers tecniques for  Keyboard music instrument.
  • Revision of Sargam ,Allankars in every class for exercise.
  • 5 mins revision of previous class task.
Ultimate Perfection
  • Organize the number of programs for our students to boost their on stage performing confidence.
  • Using best methodology for trainging students.
Smart Experience
  • Using High quality equipments and musical instruments.
  • Giving printed worksheets and video tuts of lesson..
  • Conectivity with parents through whatsup.

Our Courses

Learn what you want to become....

Learn Indian classical music,Vocal – Light music,Bhajans.

Learn western music instrument Guitar,Violin.

Tabla classes in ghaziabad

Rhythmic Instruments

Learn rhythmic instrument Tabla,Drums,Octapad,Congo.

Learn Indian & Western in  Piano,Keyboard,Harmonium.

Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana

Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana – Online Keyboard Classes In Ghaziabad . Learn Indian & western keyboard form in simple steps . 

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