CBSE Board Class 11 Manipuri Dance Syllabus 2023-24 & Theory Notes

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Manipuri Dance Syllabus Code No. 060 for Class -XI 11th CBSE Board 2023-24


CLASS–XI (2023-24)

Theory                                                               Total Marks: 100

Time-2 Hours                                                   Marks:30

30 Periods

1. Brief history of Indian Dance and TraditionalDance/Drama.

2. Acquaintance with themes of the puranas

  • From Ramayana: – Lanka dahan by Hanuman, Seeta Haran,
  • From Shrimad Bhagavat:- Makhan Chori, Udukal Leela (when Yashoda tiesup Krishna to the pounding block), Kaliya Daman.
  • From Gita Govinda:- Dashavatar, any suitablepoem.
  • From local legend: – Nongpok Ningthou and Panthoibi

3. History of Manipuri Dance

a) Prayer dances of early times beyond recorded history. Dance was alwaysa necessary part of worship. Lai Haraoba.

b) Beginning of compositions based on Hindu Gods as people started worshipping Vishnu in 15thcentury.

c) Birth of Ras Leela and Sankirtana in 18th century during

the reign of Maharaja Bhagyachandra leading to cultural chain reaction.

d) Birth of Goshtha Leela during the reign of Maharaja Chandrakirti.

4. Acquaintance with its repertoire and literary contents. Edited versions of Rasleelas, Krishna Abhisar, Radha Abhisar. Krishna Nartan, Radha Nartan,Punglon Jagoi, – Dashavatar, Shreeta Kamala Kucha Mandala, Lalita Lavanga Lata, Chandana Charchita, Rajanijanitaguru, Pung Cholom and Kartal Cholom.

5. Distinctive aspects of Manipuri dance.

The style is rich both in Lasya and Tandava modes.

  • Footwork in Manipuri.
  • Sarvanga Abhinaya.


Practical                                                                  Marks:70

100 Periods

1. Practice of basic postures movements and footwork in Tanchap Tala.

2. Practice of hand movements specially flexibility of wrists, Chali, Champra Okpiand Khujeng Leibi.

3. Chali for both feminine and masculine, including Chali Areibi.

4. Acquaintance with Matras and Talas of Manipur Pung in Talas Tanchap,Menkup,l.

5. Lai Haraoba both Lasya and Tandava (Khamba Thoibi). Thougal Jagoi, MaibiJagoi – Lai Ikouba and LaichingJagoi.

6. Folk dances: Thabal Chongbi, Keetlam and Chaplam.

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