CBSE Board Class 11 Kathak Dance Syllabus 2023-24 & Theory Notes

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Kathak Syllabus Code No. 056 for Class -XI 11th CBSE Board 2023-24


CLASS–XI (2023-24)

                                                                                      Total Marks: 100

Theory                                                                           Marks:30

Time: 2 Hours

                                                                                          30 Periods

1. A brief history of Indian dance.

2. Acquaintance with the themes of Ramayana, Mahabharataa, Bhagvata Purana and Gita Govinda in context of Kathak. Acquaintance with other myths and legends pertinent to the dance drama or gat bhaav like Kalia daman, Govardhan lila, Panghatlila, Draupadi cheer haran, Makhan chori, Marich vadh, Bhasmasur vadh, Madan dahan,etc.

3. A brief history of Kathak dance.

(a) Reference from ancient text (vedic, puranic, epics and other scriptures). evolution of Kathak dance in Pracheen kal/Mandir kal

(kathavachak and Rasdhar tradition, etc.) Madhya kal/ Darbarkal, Adhunik kal covering British and post independent era till the


4. Acquaintance with its repertoire. Rang pravesh / invocation, compositions (Bandish) from traditional technical dance part of kathak. Literary contents – abhinay, bhajans, thumri, dadra, ghazals, dhrupad, kavit, etc. Rhythmic musical composition like Tarana, Tirvat, Chaturang,etc.

5. Distinctive aspects of Kathak (using of ghungrus, chakkars, upaj, costume,etc.

6. Ability to write notation of teental and jhaptal (thah, dugun,chaugun).

7. Definition and short explanation: Nritta, Nritya, Natya, Tandava, Lasya, Anga, Upanga, Pratyanga.



Practical Paper                                                         Marks:70

                                                                                    100 Periods

1. Practice of basic standing position and various patterns of Tatkar.

2. Practice of exercise of different parts of the human body particularly anga,pratyanga,upanga.

3. Practice of exercise of ten different movement {hastak} chakkars in teen taal in thah,dugun, chaudganlaya.

4. Prahant of teentaal, jhap taal with hast kriya in thah, dugun, chaugun.

5. Practice of tatkar set to teental in a slower tempo (thah laya) and in its double(dugun) and four times (chaugun).

6. The student should know the following compositions:

(a) Thaat                                                                                                     1

(b) Aamad                                                                                                    2

(c) Fast Aamad (tez aamad)                                                                 2

(d) Vandana                                                                                               1

(e) Tukra/Toda                                                                                           4

(f) Natwari ka tukra                                                                                    4

(g) Gatnikaas                                                                                                 3

(h) Gatbhaav                                                                                                  1

(i) Paran                                                                                                       4

(j) Tihaayi                                                                                                     4

(k) Ladi/laya Baant                                                                                         2

(l) Parhant of tukda /toda with hasta kriya 2

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