CBSE Board Class 12 Kuchipudi Dance Syllabus 2023-24 & Theory Notes

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Kuchipudi Dance Syllabus Code No. 058 for Class -XII 12th CBSE Board 2023-24



Theory                                                Total Marks: 100   

Time-2 Hours                                                Marks:30

70 Periods

1. A brief history and acquaintance with some traditional dance forms of the region,other than the one offered for study.

2. Acquaintance with life history of the chief exponents of the dance form, past andpresent.

3. Knowledge of the following terms:

(i) Nritta, Nritya, Natya, Tandava, Lasya, Lokadharmi,Natyadharmi

(ii) Chaturvidha Abhinaya (Angika, Vachika, Satyika, Aharya)

with special reference to Mukhaja Abhinaya.

(iii) Sanchari Bhava, Sattvika Bhava

4. Types of compositions and formats used in Kuchipudi Definitions of the following:

(a) Rangapuja, Shabdam,Ashthapadi, Kalaapam, (Bhaama



Practical                                                          Marks:70

100 Periods

1. One Sabdam preferably from Dashavatara or Prahlada Pattabhishekha,Shabdam.

2. One Swarapallavi, one padam.

3. One Kshetrayya padam, oneAsthapadi

4. One Tarangam. 5. An extract from BhaamaKalaapam.

6. 1. Recitation of an Aditala Jathi along with Teermanam.

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