Methodology of Harmonium Music classes

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Methodolgy  of  Harmonium class….

Introduction to Harmonium –

In this we teach – Parts of  harmonium , No. Of  keys , Saptaks , No. Of keys , Sound knobs . So that student aware about all of  Harmonium .

Definitions of some music terms- 

Sangeet , Aaroh , Avaroh , Alankar, Raag , Sthai , Antara , Lay , Taal etc

Introduction to Indian swar system and Western swar system ..

In this we teach the student all about swars – Sa re ga ma pa dha ni … and C , C# , D , D# , E  , F , F# ,  G , G# , A , A#  B , C

Finger techniques for playing Sa re ga ma pa on Harmonium…

How we can play sargam on keyboard by usind dif finger on diff keys . Use fingers and thumb on Upper black and Lower white keys.

Finger movements exercise –

Some exercise called Basic alankars , Intermediate alankars , Advanced Alankars which improve movements on keyboard while playing.

Types of  swars –

In this we teach two types of swar , diff sound , diff feel and use of swar in diff compositions.

Introduction to 10 Indian thaats –

In indian music there are ten thaats under which all raags are come , and dill filmy songs are composed with the help of indian raags.

Inroduction to Indian taals & Western rhythms..

Taal or Rhythm is the pillar of song . There are diff types of taal / rhytms based on number system 3 x 3 , 4 x 4  and based on 6 beats , 8 beats , 7 beats , 16 beats.

How to play small songs on keyboard –

We take diff small songs so that student play easily with basic learning .

How to play Indian raag on keyboard –

After playing small songs we teach about indian raag , definition of raag , aaroh avaroh pakad , allap , taan etc.

Diff types of songs

We cover diff types of song – Filmy songs , Patriotic songs , Devotional songs , Regional songs . After all if student interest in patriotic then we go with patriotic song or any more .

Last method – 

Teching acc to need of student that how much he/ she can practice and take knowledge from us….

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