चंचलसस मल्लार राग Chanchalsas Malhar Raag Bandish 16 Matras Allap Taan Music Notes In Hindi

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चंचलसस मल्लार राग में ‘मरे’ की संगति व ‘ग ग म रे, सा’ इस प्रकार कोमल गांधार प्रयोग किया जाता है । यह राग बहुत दुर्लभ है ।

Chanchalsas Malhar Raag

How To Read Sargam Notes

  • “(k)” is used for komal swars.eg – ( रे(k) , (k) , (k) , नि(k) ) (Note – You can write ( रे , , , नि ) in this manner in exams . )
  • म(t) here “(t)” is used for showing teevra swar म(t) . (Note – You can write ( म॑ ) in this manner in exams . )
  • “-” is used for stretching the swars according to the song.
  • Swars written “रेग” in this manner means they are playing fast or two swars on one beat.
  • (रे)सा here रे” is kan swar or sparsh swar and “सा” is mool swar. (Note – You can write ( रेसा ) in this manner in exams . )
  • [ नि – प ] here this braket [ ] is used for showing Meend from “नि” swar to प” . (Note – You can write ( नि प ) making arc under the swars in this manner in exams . )
  • { निसां रेंसां नि } here this braket {} is used for showing Khatka in which swars are playing fast .

साधारण चलन


सा, रेम, [ मरेसा ] , रेसा, सा, .नि(k)रेसा, .नि(k).प.प, .म.प.सा , .नि(k)सा, रे,


ग(k)ग(k)मरे, सा, मपसां, सां, नि(k)मप, सां, निसां, मप, नि(k)सां, रें  नि(k)सां, पनि, मप, रेम, सारे, सा ।

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