CBSE Board Class 12 Hindustani Music Percussion Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Hindustani Music Percussion Syllabus Code No. 036 for Class -XII 12th CBSE Board 2023-24

HINDUSTANI MUSIC Percussion Instruments (Code – 036)

Examination Structure for Assessment (2023-24)

Class XII

                                                                               TOTAL: 100 Marks

Theory:                                                                   30 Marks

Time: 02 hours

Practical (External Assessment)                         70 Marks

Time: 20-25 Minutes for each candidate

1. Examiners are requested to ask the questions directly related to the syllabus.

2. Marks should be awarded in accordance with the marking scheme.

Distribution of Marks

Sr. No.Value PointsMarks
1.Tuning of Instrument and questions regarding instrument.10
2.Ability to perform choice Raga performance with Peshkar, Utham, Kayda, Rela, Tukra, Chakradar, Param and Gat in any prescribed Talas: Teentala / Aditala Rupak / Tevra20
3.Tala of Examiner’s choice from the prescribe syllabus.15
4.Accompaniment of Ektala /chautal in viambit & Drut Laya10
5.Reciting of Tala and composition with hand beats in different layas.10
6.Practical file5

* External examiner will refer to the distribution of marks while examining the candidate for practical examination.


Examination Structure for Assessment Class XII

Theory:                                                                                   30 Marks

Time: 02 hours

1. Questions to be set with internal choice covering the entire syllabus unit wise

2. Candidate has to attempt at least one question from each unit.

Distribution of Marks

No.UnitsNo. of Periods 40Marks 30  
 Unit 10806
1.1Short notes of the following- Uthan.03 
1.2Comparative study of the following:-Chautaal-Ektaal Jhaptala-Sultaal.05 
 Unit 20806
2.1Layakari and its varietie05 
2.2Brief description of Gharanas of Tabla or Pakhawaj03 
 Unit 30506
3.1History of Tabla05 
 Unit 40906
4.1Biographies of Pandit Kishan Maharaj, and Ustad Zakir Hussain04 
4.2Silent feature of style and biography Raja Chatrapati Singh, Guru Purushotam Das.05 
 Unit 51006
5.1Writing notation of the prescribed Taals and compositions08 
5.2Recognition of Taals from given portion of The Thekas and compositions. Prescribe Taals: Teentaal or Adi taal, Rupak or Tevra02 

Class- XII

Practical-100 Periods                                                  70 Marks

Course Structures

Sr. no.TopicsNo. of Periods
1.Ability to Play Theka of Rupak on Tabla or Pakhawaj with simple elaborations.15
2.Three Kayda, One Rela, One Sadharan Tukra or Paran, One Chakradar Tukra or Paran, One Farmaichi Chakrader in prescribed Taals20
3. Ability to play One Advance Kayadas/ Relas with two Paltas and Tihai, One simple Tukras, One Sadharan Chakradar Tukras or Parans, Two Damdar Tihais and one Paran in Rupak or Tevra Taal20
4.Recitation of the prescribed Talas and composition with Thah,Dugun and Chaugun Lay keeping Tala with hand beats.18
5.A few simple laggis in Dadra on Pakhawaj6
6.Knowledge of tuning of instrument opted for05
7.Solo performance of any one Taal of choice from the prescribed syllabus for 10-15 minutes10
8.Ability to accompaniment with Folk songs3
9.Ability to accompaniment with classical music – vocal3

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Hindustani Music Percussion Instruments English Notes

Hindustani Music Percussion Instruments Hindi Notes

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