CBSE Board Class 11 Hindustani Music Percussion Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Hindustani Music Percussion Syllabus Code No. 036 for Class -XI 11th CBSE Board 2023-24

HINDUSTANI MUSIC Percussion Instruments (Code – 036)

Examination Structure for Assessment (2023-24)

Class XI

                                                                       TOTAL: 100 Marks

Theory:                                                              30 Marks

Time: 02 hours

Practical:                                                          70 Marks

Time: 20-25 Minutes for each candidate

1. Examiners are requested to ask the questions directly related to the syllabus.

2. Marks should be awarded in accordance with the marking scheme.

Distribution of Marks

Sr. No.Value PointsMarks
1.Solo Performance with Peshkar,Uthan , Kayda, Rela, Tukra, Chakradar Paran in Teentala or Aditala.10
2.Talas of examiner’s choice from the prescribed syllabus Teentala/Aditala/ Jhaptala/ Sultala.10
3.Ability to perform Kayada or Rela ,Chakradar Tukra / Paran ,Stuti Paran/ Farmaishi Chakradar in Jhaptala or Sultala10
4.Adalaya Kayada / Rela with Palta in Teentala / Aditala10
5.Damadr and bedamdar Tihai in prescribed Talas.10
6.Accompaniment of Ektaal of chautala in different layas.10
7.Reciting of Tala and Composition with hand boats in different layas.10

* Teachers will refer to the distribution of marks while examining the candidate for practical examination.


CLASS – XI (2023-24) (THEORY)

Course Structure

Theory:                                                                               30 Marks

60 Periods

Time: 02 hours

1. Questions to be set with internal choice covering the entire syllabus unit wise

2. Candidate has to attempt at least one question from each unit.

Distribution of Marks

Sr. No.UnitsNo. of Periods (40)Marks  
 Unit 110 
1.1Description of the Taals prescribed for Class XI.0406
1.2Description of the following: Kala,Lay,Sangeet06 
 Unit 20506
2.1Brief knowledge of Natyashastra with special reference To Awanaddh Vadya.05 
 Unit 30506
3.1Short life sketch of Kudau Singh, Nana Panse.05 
 Unit 41006
4.1Brief knowledge on Banaras Gharana05 
4.2Salient feature of Kudau Singh Gharana of Pakhawaj05 
 Unit 51006
5.1Ability to write in notation of the prescribed Taals and compositions in Thah (Barabar), Dugun, Chaugun,lay.05 
5.2Ability to do Taal Notation of compositions in prescribed Taals. Prescribed Talas: Teentaal or Adi Taal Jhaptaal or Sultaal.05 

Class- XI

Practical-100 Periods                                                     70 Marks

Course Structure

Sr.NoTopicsNo. of periods 100
1.Knowledge of Playing Thekas of Teentaal or Adi Taal,Jhaptaal or Sultaal, Ektaal or Chautaal.18
2.Ability to play One Kaydas / Relas two Chakradar Tukras or Parans, two Sadharan Tukras or Paran in Jhaptaal or Sultaal.18
3.Ability to play two advance Kaydas, one Rela, two Chakardar Tukras or Parans, in Teentaal/Aditaal25
4.Knowledge of playing Bedam Tihai in prescribed Taals05
5.Accompaniment of Vocal or Instrumental Music with Ektaal or Chautala in different layas.12
6.Solo performance of 10-15 minutes in Teentaal / Aditaal.12

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