CBSE Board Class 11 Caranatic Music Percussion Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Caranatic Music Percussion Syllabus Code No. 033 for Class -XI 11th CBSE Board 2023-24


CLASS–XI (2023-24)

                                                                                Total Marks: 100

Theory                                                                     Marks: 30

Time: 2 Hours

A.History and Theory of Indian MusicNo. of Periods
I(i)An outline knowledge of following Lakshana Granthas with special reference to laya and percussion in Natya Sastra, Brihaddesi,Sangita, Sampradaya Pradarshini.4
(ii)Short life sketch a nd contr i buti ons of the following: Patnam Subramany Iyer, and Syama Sastry, Tyagaraja.4
(iii)Unique contribution of the following luminaries: Narayana Swamy Appa, Mamunidiya Pillai, Dakshinamurti Pillai and Alagunambi Pillai.5
IIDefinition and explanation of the following: Nada, Laya, Tala, Jati, Gati, Suladi Sapta Talas, Karani, Vettu Thattu, Hechchu, Taggu, Mohra, Korvai, Meettu, Chapu and Arachapu.08
IIIThe candidates should be able to write in notation of the percussion korvais in Adi and Rupakatalas.07
IVKnowledge of construction of the chosen playing percussion instrument.02
VBasic knowledge of the construction and techniques of Mridangam. The candidate should also be able to describe the Kanjira, Tavil,and Ghatam.05
VITattakarams (or Konnakkol) of the talas learnt. Excluding Chapu Tala05
                                                          Total Periods40



BPractical ActivitiesNo. of Periods
1.Ability to play the following talas with elaboration. Adi and Rupakam Talas covering at least two Nadais.32 periods  
2.Thekas and Mohras in different talas with Teermanam and Korvais.32 periods
3.Tuning of the instrument.04 periods
4.Ability to render orally the sollukattus of the various patterns in Adi, Rupaka tala.32 periods
 Total  100 periods

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