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CBSE Board Class 10 Hindustani Vocal Music Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Hindustani Vocal Music Syllabus Code No. 034 for Class – X 10th CBSE Board 2023-24


Examination Structure for Assessment (2023-24) Class X

Theory:                                                                     Total: 100 Marks

Time: 02 hours                                                             30

Practical (External Assessment)                                50 Marks

Internal Assessment                                                     20 Marks

Time: 20-25 Minutes for each candidate

1. External Examiners are requested to ask the questions directly related to the syllabus.

2. Marks should be awarded in accordance with the marking scheme.

3. External Examiners will refer to the distribution of marks while examining the candidate for practical examination.

Distribution of Marks

Sr.No.Value PointsMarks
1.One Vilambit Khayal with simple elaborations in any one of the prescribed Raga :
Brindavani Sarang  
2.Aaroha, Avaroha, Pakad and Drut Khayal with simple elaboration sand few Tanas in each prescribed Ragas:24
3.Devotional Song04
4.Identification of prescribed Ragas from the phrases of Swaras rendered bythe examiner.04
5.Recitation of Thekas of the following prescribed Talas with dugun: Tilwada, Chautala ,Rupak06


Course Structure (2023-24) Class X

Theory:                                                                        40 periods

Time: 02 hours                                                              30 Marks

  1. Questions to be set with internal choice covering the entire syllabus.
Sr.No.UnitsNo. of Periods
 Unit 108
1.1Define the following :Aalap, Taan, Meend, Kan03
1.2Define the following: Dhrupad, Dhamar, Tarana.05
 Unit 204
2.2Basic knowledge of the structure and Tuning of Tanpura.04
 Unit 312
3.1Detailed study of the following Ragas:Bhupali, Khamaj, Brindavani Sarang.05
3.2Description and Tala notation of the following:Talas with Thah, Dugun, Tigun and Chaugun Tilwada, Chautala, Rupak.07
 Unit 408
4.1Ability to write notation of compositions in prescribed ragas.04
4.2To identify Ragas from phrases and elaborate them in Swaras.04  
 Unit 508
5.1Brief life sketch and contribution to music of Tansen. Sadarang and Faiyaz Khan.05
5.2Contibution of Omkar Nath Thakur03

Class X

External Practical: 100 Periods                              50 Marks

Sr.No.TopicsNo. of periods
1.One Vilambit Khayal with simple elaborations in any oneof the prescribed Ragas.
Brindavani Sarang
2.Aaroha, Avaroha, Pakad and Drut Khayal with simple elaborations and few Tanas in each of the prescribed Ragas :44
3.Devotional Song6
4.Ability to recognize the prescribed Ragas from the Phrases of swaras rendered by the examiner.8
5.Recitation of the Thekas of the following Talas with dugun, keeping Tala with hand beats:

HINDUSTANI MUSIC Vocal (Code – 034) (2023-24)

Class X

Internal Assessment:                                               20 Marks

1. Project–File                                                                                                                      05Marks

1. Writing in notation the musical compositions of all Ragas prescribed in the syllabus

2. Identifying the Tala of musical compositions

3. Drawing and labelling the various parts of any percussion instrument

4. Description and writing the notation of all prescribed Talas with Layakaries (Thah,Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun)

5. Identifying and interviewing any neighbourhood Artists. 

2. Project Work                                                                                                                   05 Marks

Suggestive Topics * Interrelationship of the following

a) Music and Religion

b) Music and Cinema

c) Music and Electronic Media

d) Devotional aspects in Music

e) Inter – relationship of Arts (Music – Dance or Theatre or Visual Arts)

*Students may choose any one of the above topics or any other topic for project in consultation with the teacher.

3. Periodic practical Test, restricted to three in an Academic year. 10 Marks

Average of best two tests to be taken for final marks submission. Each test will examine a candidate for one Raga from the syllabus, one e Devotional Song and t wo Talas.

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