CBSE Board Class 10 Carnatic Vocal Music Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Carnatic Vocal Music Syllabus Code No. 031 for Class – X 10th CBSE Board 2023-24


Class X (2023-24)


Time: 2 hrs.

Sr.No.  Topics  Periods
1.Brief knowledge of Raga classification.6
2.Brief knowledge of scheme of 72 Melakarta.6
3.Knowledge of Ragas Prescribed – Suddha Dhanyasi,Sriranjani, Suddha Saveri, Bhairavi Keeravani, Kambhoji, Ananda Bhairavi.8
4.Detailed knowledge of Kriti with explanation of decorative angas, Varnams – Tana Varnam & PadaVarnam.6
5.Rudiments of notation & writings of notations of Varnamasand Geetams. Deleted the number Varnams and Geetam in to one.  8
6.Life and contribution of the following 20th Century Composers: a. otisvaraIyer b. PapanasamSivan c. G.N.Balasubramaniam  6
 Total Periods40


Format for Class X Examination

Practical                                                                                     70 Marks

S.No  Topics Periods  
1.Singing of Alankaras and Swara Exercise in a raga other than Mayamalava Goula in three degrees of speed.  10
2.Rendering of at least one Varnams learnt in twodegrees of speed.  20
3.Question based on kriti. Rendition of Kriti learnt in Adi, Roopak and Chapu talas. Swarajmanam test based on the compositions learnt.28       18
4.Short bout of Kalpana Swaras in 1st speed for the compositionsmentioned in the syllabus.  15
5.Any one item from Topic IV5
6.Tuning of Tanpura4
                                              Total Periods100

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