CBSE Board Class X 10th Caranatic Melodic Instrument Syllabus & Music Theory notes

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CBSE Board Class X 10th Caranatic Melodic Instrument Syllabus & Music Theory notes is described in this post of saraswati sangeet sadhana

Caranatic Music Melodic Instrument – Theory (Code No. 032) Format for the Examination for Class – X

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Caranatic Music Melodic Instrument

Class – X

Max. Marks : 25

  1. Raga classification in
  2. Raga lakshanas of Suddha Saveri, Sriranjani, Kambhoji, Abhogi, Nata, Hindolam and Hari
  3. Writing notations of Adi tala Varna in two speeds and Kirtanas set in Adi and Rupaka tala.
  1. An outline knowledge of 72
  2. Detailed knowledge of musical forms Kriti, Kirtana, Jatisvaram and varanam.

Caranatic Music Melodic Instrument

Class – X

  1. Long answer – Briefly write the Raga classification in
  2. Writing the scheme of 72 Melakarta in
  3. Knowledge of writing detailed description about any one musical forms mentioned in topic V.
  4. Writing Ragalakshanas briefly about any one of the Raga mentioned in topic
  5. Knowledge of writing notation of Adi Tala Varna or any Kirtana covered in

Note : Examiners should set at-least seven questions in total and the students should answer five questions from them, including essay, short answers including Ragalakshana, Musical Forms etc. Topic number II & III are compulsory.

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Caranatic Music

Melodic Instrument – Practical (Code No. 032)


  1. Four Adi tala Varnam in two
  2. Six Keertanas in the prescribed ragas – Sriranjani, Suddha Saveri, kambhoji, Abhogi, Nata, Hindolam and Harikambhoji.
  3. At-least one Jatisvaram and one
  4. Explanation of the details of the ragas
  5. Tuning of the instrument opted
  6. Reciting the Sahitya of the compositions

Max. Marks : 75

  1. Playing any part of the Varnam learnt in two speeds 15 marks
  2. Rendering of the Keertanas from the prescribed syllabus 18 marks
  3. Questions based on jatiswaram and Swarajati learnt 10 marks
  4. Explanation of Raga details prescribed 10 marks
  5. Tuning of Instrument opted for 12 marks
  6. Reciting the Sahitya (or) Lyric for the compositions learnt 10 marks

Class X 10th Caranatic Melodic Instrument syllabus & Answer,theory notes in Hindi  are described  in this post  .. Saraswati sangeet sadhana provides complete Indian classical music theory in easy method ..

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