CBSE Board Class 10 Caranatic Melodic Instrument Syllabus 2023-24 & Music Theory Notes

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Caranatic Melodic Instrument Syllabus Code No. 032 for Class – X 10th CBSE Board 2023-24

                              Class – X (2023-24)

Theory                                                                     Max. Marks: 30

Time: 02 hours

Sr.No.TopicsNo. of Periods
1.Raga classification in General5
2.Raga lakshanas of Suddha Saveri, Sriranjani, Kambhoji, Abhogi, Nata, Hindolam and Hari Kambhoji10
3.Writing notations of Adi tala Varna in two speeds and Gitams set in Roopaka tala.8
4.An outline knowledge of 72 Melakartas5
5.Detailed knowledge of musical forms Kriti, Jatisvaram And Varnam.5
6.Life sketch and contribution of Lalgudi Jayaram and M.S.GopalaKrishnan, S. Balachandar & T.R. Mahalingam5
7.Basic knowledge of opted instrument2


CARNATIC MUSIC Melodic Instrument – (Code No. 032)

Syllabus for Class – X

Sr. No.TopicsNo. of Periods
1.One Adi tala Varnam in two speeds.15
2.Three Kriti in the prescribed ragas – Sriranjani, Suddha Saveri, kambhoji, Abhogi, Nata, Hindolam and Harikambhoji.45
3.At-least one Jatisvaram and one Svarajati.10
4.Explanation of the details of the ragas prescribed.20
5.Tuning of the instrument opted for10
 Total Periods100

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