CBSE 9th class MUSIC SYLLABUS & Answer

CBSE Board Class ix 9th Vocal Music Syllabus 2020-21 & Music Theory notes

Class 9th Music syllabus (Vocal & Instrumental)- Music Theory notes

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HINDUSTANI MUSIC VOCAL (Code – 034) Examination Structure for Assessment

Class IX


Time: 01 hours

TOTAL: 100 Marks   30 Marks

  •  Five questions to be set with internal choice covering the entire
  • Out of five questions, one question of composition in notation from the prescribed Ragas will be compulsory.
  • All the questions will carry five marks each.


Time: 15-20 Minutes for each candidate

  • Examiners are requested to ask the questions directly related to the
  • Marks should be awarded in accordance with the marking


Class IX


Time: 01 hours

TOTAL: 100 Marks   30 Marks

  • Describe the following:  Sangeet, Dhwani, Nada, Shruti, Swara, Saptak, Thaat, Jati.
  • Define the following: Raga, Aaroha, Avaroha, Pakad, Vadi, Samvadi, Anuvadi, Vivadi.
  • Describe the following: Bandish, Sthai, Antara, Swarmalika, Lakshan Geet, Khayal.
  • Define the following: Laya, Tala, Matra, Sam, Tali, Khali, Vibhag, Avartan.
  • An outline history of Hindustani Music of Modern period with special reference to the works of Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande and Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar.
  • Notation system of V. D. Paluskar and Pt. V. N. Bhatkhande.
  • Description of the following Ragas: Alhaiya Bilawal ,Yaman, Bhairav , Kafi,
  • Ability to do notation of compositions in prescribed
  • Description and ability to do Tala-Notation of the following Talas:  Teentala, Ektala, Jhaptala, Keharwa, Dadra

Practical   50 Marks

Six Alankaras set to all prescribed Ragas and

One Swarmalika and one Lakshan Geet in each prescribed

Aaroha, Avroha, Pakad and Drut Khayal with few Alaps and Tanas in the following Ragas: Alhaiya Bilawal, Yaman, Bhairav and

Identification of prescribed Ragas from the passages of swaras rendered by the 5.

  • National Anthem
  • National Song
  • Patriotic Song
  • Community Song
  • Devotional Song
  • Folk or Tribal Song

Recitation of the Thekas of the following Talas with Dugun, keeping Tala with hand-beats: Teentala, Ektala, Jhaptala, Kehrwa, Dadra.

Periodic Assessment                                          20 Marks

Project work of music class-9th


  1. Musical compositions of Ragas prescribed in the Identifying Artist, Labelling any one Instrument Melodic. 05
  2. Description and writing the notation of prescribed Talas with Layakaries (Thah Dugun , TIgun, chaugun ). Identifying the Musical Compositions with which tala is Identifying precssion artist, Labelling any one percussion Instrument. 05
  3. Periodic practical Test, restricted to three in music in an academic year. Average of best two tests to be taken for final marks submission. 10

Each test will examine a candidate for one Raga from the syllabus, one Devotionalor folk song or Tribal song and two talas.

Distribution of Marks

50 Marks

Sr. No.Value PointsMarks 
1.Alankaras set to all prescribed Ragas and Talas02 
2.One Swarmalika and one Lakshan Geet04 
3.Aaroha, Avaroha, Pakad and Drut Khayal with few Aalaps and Tanas in each prescribed Raga07X04=28 

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